How Frequently Should you Clean your Office?

How frequently should you clean your office can be a tough question to answer because each office is with its own peculiar needs. The frequency will depend on many factors such as the location, size of your office, the number of foot traffic received in your office and lots more. In addition, different places in your office will need diverse cleaning frequencies.

Here’s how frequently each location of your office be cleaned.

1. Windows

You must dust the window frames and sills on a regular basis, preferably once in every week. But you can clean the real windows two times in a year, depending on the landscaping around your office, the location of your office, and the weather.

2. The Lobby

You must pay special attention to your lobby to guarantee positive first impressions if your visitors and customers will be passing through the lobby more often. You are required to clean the lobby of your office once in every one to three days, depending on the number of traffic it gets. You should carry out spot cleaning in between to eliminate minor problems such as spills.

For busier buildings, you may want to hire a janitorial cleaning service. They are commercial cleaning companies that offer a constant presence, caring for your day-to-day cleaning tasks such as carrying out minor maintenance, keeping common areas clean, and freshening washrooms to keep your office building regularly looking its best.

3. The Floors and Carpets

Nearly all hard floors and carpets in the office are required to be cleaned on weekly basis. But you might to think about cleaning your floors regularly if foot traffic increases.

Furthermore, carpets and hard floors usually need a meticulous cleaning two times in a year to get rid of accumulated grime and keep them in fine shape.

In order to create a welcome and healthy office environment for your customers and employees, work with a specialized professional cleaning company to develop a cleaning routine suited to your office.

4. Employees Desks

Your desk always reveals your traits or personality. It may be occupied with pictures, covered in files and some other things, making the surfaces hiding space for germs and grime. Keeping employees desks tidy is very important, irrespective of what they look like. This will help in combating stress and keeping germs at bay.

How frequently you clean your desk depends on how frequent you use it. If you seldom use it, a good dust fortnightly is okay. Nevertheless, you should take time to clean your desk on a regular basis if you work solidly at your desk at all times.

Start the cleaning of your desk with a five minutes cleaning session every week in order to clean and tidy away whatever you don’t need. In addition, wipe down the surfaces and clear plates and cups off your desk.


On arriving and leaving an office, visitors and other office users walk a wide range of germs and bacteria through. This makes the whole space becomes dirty and required cleaning.

If you don’t know how frequently you should clean your office, contact a janitorial service near you for professional advice! They will take time to clean your office and tidy up everywhere for a conducive atmosphere as at when required.


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